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Hi! I'm Haifa Carina

from the Philippines.


iOS developer. Events Organizer.

Adventurer. Ponderer. Dreamer.


I am real.
I like green!
I give hugs!
I love challenge.
I hate leeches.
I want to travel the world!
I wish I could teleport.
I need you to be real.
I will build my underground house.
I was always impulsive.
I feel restless inside.
I think I can do anything.
I say "Life is short, enjoy all the way!"


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Get Coordinates Using Google Maps
Monday, 24 October 2011 14:45

I am working on something that has to deal with specifying geographic coordinates. Thus, I want to know how to get the coordinates of a specified location using Google Maps. As of October 2011, here's the easiest solution I've found.



1. Go to http://maps.google.com/.

2. Right-click the location with the coordinates you want to get.

3. Select "What's here?"



4. Now you can see a green arrow pointed at the specified location. When you hover on the arrow, the coordinates will be displayed. Also, you can find the same coordinates on the Google Maps search bar.



Hope this helps! Cheers!

GTUG: Google Analytics Meet-up
Wednesday, 12 October 2011 02:02

Mr. Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar shares how to implement Google Analytics. BTW, that's me in blue slanting her head. XD Photo courtesy of Ms. Aileen Apolo-de Jesus.



Google Analytics guru Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar gave an interesting presentation on Implementing Google Analytics last October 11, 2011 at Smart Jump Experience Center, SM Megamall.


I got lucky to be one of the organizing team, thanks to Sir Jonathan who pulled me in the day before the event. hahaha. Sir Jonathan and I handled the registration. Ms. Aileen Apolo-de Jesus, Google Country Consultant (Philippines) spearheaded the event. Ms. Anne Olvido, who was also with us at the registration hosted the event (by ambush request but did pretty well). There were also remarks given about Smart Jump Experience Center.

Google Technology Users Group (excluding me. :P). Photo courtesy of Ms. Aileen Apolo-de Jesus


Mr. Vinoaj showed us how to add lines of code on how to send data to your Google Analytics account. His presentation was very straightforward and easy to follow. Well, that's from me, a person with HTML/JavaScript/PHP programming experience. He also shared practical examples on how to use Google Analytics (like data mining of user behavior) which I believe could make a big difference for any business operating online. After the presentation was the Q&A where Google freebies were given away to those brave individuals who raised questions.


I learned plenty of things from this event. Aside from Mr. Vinoaj's presentation, I learned about some people who frequent IT gatherings and I learned about the possibility of me being an overly IT-community-activity-centered person which is not good. Some other names I remember meeting for the night were Kuya Eric (my ojt mentor at KFC Philippines last summer), Mica (Kuya Eric's colleague at Sulit), Kuya Mickey (colleague during my OJT at KFC), Ryan (guy with long hair) and Jomar (Han's colleague at O&B).


After the event, Sir Jonathan and I waited for Ate Kat at Seattle's Best Coffee. Then we had dinner at Persian Kebab. Then we went home! That was around 12 midnight already.


Off-topic: I just realized, I kinda ask a lot of questions to people during this day and night… I guess that's the best thing you do when curiosity strikes. ^^


Extra Event of the Day: Mobile Monday Manila
Tuesday, 20 September 2011 07:57

Ms. Eiko Raquel, Business Development Manager of Yahoo Philippines



Mobile Monday Manila happened the same day with Google DevFest - Manila (19 September). But it was 7PM so we were able to reach the venue (Microsoft Office) just in time. So the night's theme was Mobile Internet and speakers were Ms. Eiko Raquel, Business Development Manager of  Yahoo Philippines who presented her insights on mobile surfing behavior around apps and browser and Ms. Edna Belleza, CIO of GMA NMI,  gave an update on the latest developments on online and mobile reach measurement, driven by a consortium of local publishers.


There were also free pizza, soft drinks and beer. I was surprised. People there were already adults on their 30s and above. I think Josan, Hans and I were the only guys who were on our early 20s in the room. Oh well, the statistics were surprising but interesting.

Striking Google DevFest Manila 2011
Tuesday, 20 September 2011 07:34

Haifa with the Google Engineers



When you say Google at this generation, it means BIG. No wonder many still attended the Google DevFest - Manila last September 19, 2011 held at Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Conference Center even if its on a Monday with strike. XD


Aside from the Google Engineers, Ms. Aileen Apolo, Google Country Representative (Philippines) was there. Ms. Christine Lau hosted the whole day event.


What can I say for the overall event? HTML5 IS IMPRESSIVE. I've tried some new features of HTML5 but I never thought it could be that powerful when used with JavaScript/jQuery. Just plain awesome!


Finally, the food! lol. They say the best things in life are free. Yeah, free breakfast, lunch and snacks. That's how rich Google is. We also got free Google DevFest shirts! XD


Mai Lorenzo Events for Jizelle's 18th Birthday
Monday, 19 September 2011 07:03

Mai Lorenzo hosting


Mai Lorenzo Events coordinated for Jizelle's 18th Birthday last September 17, 2011 at Aberdeen Court, Makati City. Ate Mai hosted the event while Xang and I offered assistance during the program. This is another first! It was my first time to be an event coordinator for a debut. Usually, I'd be a lovely guest. The experience was.. well, tear-jerking? haha. I find Jizelle and her big brother really really sweet! >.<


Overall, it was a remarkable night! I had a fun night and I won't forget the lessons about how important the mini-details and ad-libs are for events like this.


Sweetest Family I've Known. :)


DevCon at Software Freedom Day Philippines 2011
Monday, 19 September 2011 06:25


DevCon Sign-Up Booth


Developers Connect was one of the partners of this year's Software Freedom Day Philippines held at University of Santo Tomas last September 17, 2011.


It was my first time to volunteer for DevCon. I was with Ms. Florida Ortiz, a founding member of DevCon and Nelvin Driz, a software engineer from Exist Global, who gave his presentation on Ruby for the said event.


With that experience, I felt like a student again! haha. We gave away DevCon wrist laces and brochures which were all given away in no time. After that, what we did was promote DevCon activities and made them sign up even if there were no more freebies. 50 sign ups with freebies and 80+ without freebies. Pretty good promoters are we? XD


Night Out With My Dear Covachos: Happy Birthday Julian!
Thursday, 15 September 2011 03:26

At Greenbelt Park [Julian, Kim, Haifa, Josan and Hans]


I power walked to Giligan's Island Restaurant at Glorietta 5 from a Toastmasters meeting at Makati Stock Exchange just so that I wouldn't miss half of my life by not being with these crazy people. The stories and laughter I get with these college friends are always more than I could ask for. But more importantly, it was Julian's 21st birthday.


After dinner at Giligans', we walked to Greenbelt Park. I love the lights there. We sat near the pond, listen to a band playing Mexican music, observed the people, talked about random things and challenged Lolong* into anything stupid. The park was like a drinking hub and meeting hub of foreigners and girls/gays. If you know Lolong*, you could probably imagine what kind of challenge we gave him in that kind of scenario. >:D


Then we decided to go to Top Grill in Jupiter Street, Makati to booze. We got a nice table location on the veranda. We ordered Tanduay Ice tower, ham&cheese, calamares and pizzas. The rest of the night was spent in teasing, laughter and techie and nonsense stories.


We left the place past 12midnight with an unforgettable night experience for Julian's birthday who was all red the last time I saw him on our way home. haha. Happy Birthday again Jul! I hope you had a great one.

Photo before going home. Sorry Kim this is the only image we are complete. XD


*name cannot be mentioned. XD

Toastmasters Club Table Topic: Solve the Murder Mystery
Thursday, 15 September 2011 02:06


Group 3 deliberating on their story


The theme of TOPS Toastmasters Meeting last September 14, 2011 was "TOPS Day In Court" with the Toastmaster of the Night, Atty. Abet Talampas. I volunteered for the role of the Table Topics Master. The best role title for me should be Table Topics Newbie considering it was my first time.


In relation to the theme, I've decided to have a table topic activity called Solve the Murder Mystery. I found the idea online and improvised the mechanics.



The idea is to try to solve (or fabricate) the murder mystery by having witnesses deliver their statements. Crime scene facts will be provided.



Everyone will be grouped into 3 teams. Each team will have one representative to act as a witness. The 2nd and 3rd team may or may not agree to what the previous witness has said.



- state the name of witness (self) and how he/she became a witness

- state how the murder happened

- who is the murderer and his/her motive



- a dead man, who was a famous lawyer, was found dead in their home kitchen in the morning

- a knife with blood was found in the backyard with the gardening tools


I would like to share what were the witnesses' statements for this meeting. The first team's witness (TM Len) said she was having an affair with the lawyer and she believes the murderer is his wife. The second team's witness (TM Nonie) said the murderer was the chef, whose wife was the woman the lawyer was having an affair with. He killed the lawyer as he learned about their affair. haha. Amazing how fast they were able to come up with their story. Then, the third team's witness (TM Edison) said the murderer was the gardener because he was underpaid.


I was pretty excited as to what kind of stories I'd be hearing. Gee. Those guys were impressive. But the best thing was I had so much fun and I don't mind doing another table topics activity like that.


Laguna: Far, Far Away at Enchanted Kingdom
Monday, 12 September 2011 01:40

Wet Looks after Jungle Log Jam Ride


Saturday spent wisely at Enchanted Kingdom! I won't forget September 10, 2011 when I actually felt dizzy and about to vomit after the Space Shuttle ride. haha. Thank you Ensogo for existing! We only paid PhP 300 instead of PhP 500 (regular pass) on a pre-anniversary enchanting treat at Enchanted Kingdom.


Our rendezvous point was at Wendy's, Park Square, Makati. We walked our way to the fx/van terminal just below Ayala MRT Station. The van fare was PHP 360 per person roundtrip. We left past 10AM and our pick-up time was 9PM.


Our first ride was Flying Fiesta. Then we went to experience Rialto, the movie theater with moving chairs. We watched Happy Feet, the dancing and chasing part. That was a moving movie, literally. lol. We had lunch at Amazon Grill. We also went to experience Space Shuttle (Roller Coaster), Anchor's Away, Roller Skate (Mini-roller coaster? XD), Wheel of Fate (Ferris Wheel), Anchor's Away, Carousel, Bump N' Splash, Rio Grande and Jungle Log Jam.


Bulacan and Tagaytay: August Long Weekend With Ate Mai
Saturday, 03 September 2011 18:05


Taal Volcano on the background

I had my first long weekend since I started working last May. Days before that, I was pretty jealous of my officemates who were sharing their plans and I got none. Then an idea came up to spend my long weekend with Ate Mai. Funny, she was also thinking of the same thing. Ate Mai lives in Obando, Bulacan.  So for my August long weekend, I was able visit Obando (Bulacan), Pandi (Bulacan) and Tagaytay.



Haifa's Speech Project #1: Do What You Love
Thursday, 01 September 2011 12:07


'Find something you love to do and you will never work a day in your life.' I found that statement in a fashion magazine read days ago. It made me smile. I am so much thankful to be doing the things I love.


Now, I want to share with you the three major things I know about myself. First, I love to write. Second, I love computer programming. And third, I love to work with people.


I was in grade school when I started to love writing. I wrote stories and poems. I remember back then, when I give greeting cards I'd prefer to write a poem dedicated to the person than write a regular straightforward letter. When I entered high school, I joined our school publication and eventually become the editor-in-chief in my senior year. The school publication offered a great deal of knowledge, skills and fun on journalism.


Aside from writing, I discovered another thing I love in high school. And that would be computer programming. In our computer classes, we would create simple HTML websites and solve logic problems using Turbo Pascal and JavaScript. I found it really interesting and fun. Excelling in the field, I was awarded with the Computer Wizard of the Year during graduation.


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