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Hi! I'm Haifa Carina

from the Philippines.


iOS developer. Events Organizer.

Adventurer. Ponderer. Dreamer.


I am real.
I like green!
I give hugs!
I love challenge.
I hate leeches.
I want to travel the world!
I wish I could teleport.
I need you to be real.
I will build my underground house.
I was always impulsive.
I feel restless inside.
I think I can do anything.
I say "Life is short, enjoy all the way!"


Email Me: haifa@baluyos.net
Facebook: haifacarina
Twitter: @haifacarina
Instagram: @haifacarina



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Today My (New) Life Begins
Sunday, 27 March 2011 23:23

Today I left Cagayan de Oro City for Manila. As the song by Bruno Mars goes, today my life begiins. Although I inserted the word new that it makes real sense. XD

Here's a touching video Dave (Michael Dave Tan) made as a tribute for the seniors. Thank you so much Dave!


The bouquet my mommy bought me for graduation. I love pink!

Bored. I was waiting for Popsi to pick me up at the airport.

My plane ticket.




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