About Haifa Carina

Hi! I'm Haifa Carina

from the Philippines.


iOS developer. Events Organizer.

Adventurer. Ponderer. Dreamer.


I am real.
I like green!
I give hugs!
I love challenge.
I hate leeches.
I want to travel the world!
I wish I could teleport.
I need you to be real.
I will build my underground house.
I was always impulsive.
I feel restless inside.
I think I can do anything.
I say "Life is short, enjoy all the way!"


Email Me: haifa@baluyos.net
Facebook: haifacarina
Twitter: @haifacarina
Instagram: @haifacarina



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20th Birthday Countdown: You are Special #12
Saturday, 03 December 2011 14:04




Since you're a guy who can't be easily dictated, being a little Miss Hitler, I find you very challenging.  You're smart. You're confident. And you're stubborn. Those things, other than being a challenge, are at the same time I find really really attractive. Now, that's special. :)

20th Birthday Countdown: You are Special #13
Friday, 02 December 2011 14:41



Since 13 is an unlucky number. Let me enumerate the ways how unlucky you are. One, your tickle bone is everywhere. Two, your jokes will have to get wasted many times. Three, you have to listen to my annoying little evil voice when I'm excited. Four, you have to answer the same question again and again. That's all! Thank you! Thank you! :P



20th Birthday Countdown: You are Special #14
Thursday, 01 December 2011 03:45





Maybe because I love you that I don't care who you were in the past. Your past doesn't define you. We both have our share of dark past but those shall remain stories from which we shall learn from. Let's both try to have this mantra: "Love me, hate me, this is me!". ^^


Here's something from the past. One time your YM status was "Franz - Haifa XD". That made me smile so I took a screenshot of it. That was last November 14.






20th Birthday Countdown: You are Special #15
Wednesday, 30 November 2011 13:36





Your attempt to give 'Keep an eye on your valuables' joke I found corny but did made me smile. We were already lost looking for a place you only call 'awesome shrine' but never gave up. There was real suspense of riding a motorcycle on an isolated road to TOPs but you remained calm. You accompanied me for the rest of the night and dawn because I still didn't want to go home. Then we shared the moment when time stopped.


These and much more... but there's one important thing I'd like to tell you, Cebu adventure could never be that special if I wasn't with you.


20th Birthday Countdown: You are Special #16
Tuesday, 29 November 2011 09:14



You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum

Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie

You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop

Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye

And I love you so and I want you to know

That I'll always be right here

And I love to sing sweet songs to you

Because you are so dear



It's the perfect cute song for you! You're the sweetest living thing in my world. XD


20th Birthday Countdown: You are Special #17
Monday, 28 November 2011 11:46



I was never brilliant with spontaneous creativity.. you are. Your random interesting thoughts never fails to amaze me. You have a habit of giving out of this world answer to a pretty simple question. You could joke about anything instantly and many of them I can't process in time (sorry ha? 8080 processor. haha).

Not many are like you. Be proud. c:

20th Birthday Countdown: You are Special #18
Sunday, 27 November 2011 02:19




You may be no different from other guys when it comes to naughtiness. I'd laugh at you really hard if you are to deny it.


Since you are my special someone, you are a special naughty kid. Amen. :P


P.S. Game of Life. XD


20th Birthday Countdown: You are Special #19
Saturday, 26 November 2011 10:27




When most people are bothered on what other people think on whatever they like or post on Facebook, you don't. Mr. Liker, you are. You could 'like' all posts in your feed when you're bored or blame it to the auto-liker function you created. Mr. Spammer, you are. You get what I mean. haha.


You're the most annoying entity in Facebook I know but just so you know, my chat availability is limited to you. Let's just say, there's no other people I want to talk to but you.


20th Birthday Countdown: You are Special #20
Friday, 25 November 2011 12:47



The probability of a person other than you who couldn't instantly recognize where is left from right, has someone like Charles on a teddy and at the same time  has the ability to foresee situations is probably zero.

You're a real weirdo but whatever, you're that special weirdo who could effortlessly make me happy.

A Day at the Shooting of Crossroads, a POPCOM Production
Saturday, 05 November 2011 22:52


My father invited me to join him one Saturday (5 November 2011) at Carlos L. Albert High School, Quezon City to watch the shoot of Crossroads, a sort of indie-educational film focusing on youth pregnancy and decision making. My father's office, Commission on Population (POPCOM) produced the film. Joseph Bitangcol and Mercedes Cabral were the most familiar faces I found from the film's set of actors/actress.


It was my first time to witness an actual movie shoot and was so excited to see what's happening behind the scenes. Huge cameras. Unknown Bulky Equipments. Clapperboard. Lights. Reflectors. Make-up artists. Sleeping actors and actresses (many of them lacks sleep). Blooper Scenes. This experience sure was a real eye-opener.


My father and I arrived past 10AM with Vivian Deato, Integral Media Advertising Agency representative and Tiso, son of the agency owner. There was an ongoing shoot when we arrived. Vivian then introduced me and my father to the film director, Charliebebs "Bebs" Gohetia, screenwriter Zig, and actress Mercedes. After that scene, we went to a classroom which seem like a dressing room because clothes everywhere. Most of them were sleeping while waiting for their scene. Then we were introduced to the actors in the room. I can't recall their names. I'm not really a showbiz person and I rarely watch TV so pardon my ignorance. haha. But I remember Joseph Bitangcol, who has the only familiar face in the room.


Not long after, we went to another location, still at the school to watch them shoot another scene or sequence as they call it. Then my father, Vivian and I went out to Araneta for lunch. I really enjoyed talking to Vivian. I learned a lot about how media works. One example is a SINGLE 30-second commercial could cost around PHP400,000 to PHP 500,000. What a rip-off right???


When we came back, they were about to shoot another sequence when the rain fell. We went to the dressing room while waiting for the rain to subside. Vivian and my father were outside talking. I was reading the script. When I looked around the room, the two actresses were sleeping, one cast was sleeping, and only Joseph was awake. I wasn't sure what his name was so I went out to ask Vivian for his name, who was still by the way talking to my father. Then I told them both I'm going back inside to interview him.


Interesting guy. Vivian told me earlier he just had an accident, so I asked him about it. Showed pictures of his bloated face and the titanium metal for his face bone to heal. Bloody Ouch! haha. Other than that, we talked about his career, showbiz politics, his crazily-impossible-to-survive schedule, Justine Timberlake, more of his stories and some of mine. So what's my realization after an afternoon of chatting with the famous Joseph Bitangcol? I AM SO GLAD I COULD SLEEP 8 HOURS A DAY! :P


Then the last person I remember meeting for the day was Kevin Aquino, Vivian's nephew, who drove us back home. He's the first person I met who competes in car shows, audio stuff and studies aeronautics. The day ended with a picture taking with the director and cast of the current sequence being shot. Awesome, awesome, awesome day!


Ah-Counter at TOPS Toastmasters Club
Wednesday, 26 October 2011 23:18

TOPS Toastmasters Club

On our October 12, 2011 TOPS Toastmasters meeting, the theme was Tribute to Steve Jobs. Distinguished Toastmaster Tony Cortes gave an interesting and noteworthy educational talk about effective evaluation. Moreover, Ms. Estelle Ostorio, was given three speakers to evaluate in preparation for the District 75's Toastmaster Evaluation Competition* at Boracay.


TM Rye Cruz was the table topics master. Prepared speeches were given by TM Len Ebreo, TM Barrie Cruz, TM Marian Rodriguez, and TM Abet Talampas. As for the technical evaluators, I was the Ah-Counter, TM Patrick Mayo was the grammarian and TM Annie Jose was the timer.


So what's it like for me to be an Ah-Counter? For sure, my listening skills and focus were really tested. But I had fun. Fillers (e.g. ah, uhm, er) are a normal part of everyday communication for average people. And when I was an Ah-Counter, I can't stop but be amazed to many of the Toastmasters in the club who seemed to have no fillers in their vocabulary. Just plain awesome!


* As of the writing of this blog post, I'm so happy to share that TM Estelle is the Toastmaster District 75 Evaluation Champion!

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